Emergency Preparedness

In Case of Evacuation

Supplies Kit Checklist

By taking the time to create an emergency supplies kit, your family will
be prepared in the event of a disaster.

Include Pets in Your Evacuation Plan

Bring your pet inside
immediately. Get your animals under control as quickly as possible, either
using a leash or by putting them in a pet carrier.

Emergency Preparedness for Older Adults

Be sure to include your eyeglasses, hearing aid and batteries, wheelchair batteries, and oxygen in your emergency supplies kit.

How to Prepare for Extreme Heat

Get Ready for Extreme Heat

Prepare for a heat wave by checking to see that your home’s cooling system works properly.

How to Prepare

Identify places in your community where you can go to get cool such as libraries and shopping malls.

Extreme Heat Info Sheet

Extreme heat often results
in the highest annual
number of deaths among all weather-related disasters.

Staying Safe During Winter Storms

Winter Storm Safety

Make sure your house number can be seen from the street. If you need help, firefighters will be able to find you.

Top 10 Winter Freeze Tips

Make sure your furnace has been inspected and serviced by a qualified professional during the last
12 months.

Winter Storm Information Sheet

Winter storms create a
higher risk of car accidents, hypothermia, frostbite, carbon monoxide poisoning, and heart attacks from overexertion

Prepare for Power Outages

Food Safety During Power Outages

Refrigerated food and power outages: when to save it and
when to throw It out

PG&E Power Outage Tips

Use the following tips to help you prepare and stay safe during a shutoff.

PG&E Updates & Alerts

Where to find information about a Public Safety Power Shutoff

Generator Safety Tips

Generators should be used in well-ventilated locations
outside at least 20 feet away from all doors,
windows, and vent openings.

Generator Dos and Dont’s

Do make sure you have working carbon monoxide protectors with battery backup outside of each sleeping area.

Emergency Power Planning for People with Medical Devices

This emergency power planning checklist is for people who use electricity and battery-dependent assistive technology and medical devices.